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San Fadyl

Dear Friends,

We are very sad to let you know that Ladybug drummer San Fadyl passed away on the morning of April 25th, 2007 at his home in Zurich, Switzerland. He had been battling serious asthma problems in the weeks before.

It's hard to put into words just how much we will miss San after 10 years of music and friendship. He was a genuinely beautiful person who touched everyone who met him with his warmth, kindness, generosity and humor. His wide smile is something people often remember first. We know there are lots of you out there who love him and will miss him as much as we do already.

Our hearts are with San's family, his wife Brigit and their son Liam.

We've started this page so that San's friends and fans can share their thoughts and feelings. They can be posted in the comments section below.

Jennifer Baron has put together a photo page here with many wonderful pictures.

The Ladybug Transistor


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JC said...

As a tour manager/driver I always have a singleroom clause but once that did not happen. I was so glad to share my awful,5 meters away from the 24 hours railway, room in Varberg Sweden with San. Maybe one of my happiest tour memories.

Really miss you, Yoda!


Karl Morten said...

this is really really sad

tania said...

i deeply sorry for your loss,
my thoughts are with his family.

Ryan said...

I met San about 10 years ago in Norman, Oklahoma. From the moment we met he treated me as an old friend. His sense of humor, good nature, political punditry, and rare musical talent made him instantly unforgettable.

I'll never forget showing San around town--him wearing cut-off jean shorts with drum sticks tucked in back pocket. Any counter, or dashboard, or hard surface met with the grace of that famous San drum roll.

A truly unique and amazing individual. I will miss him greatly. My thoughts are with all grieving friends and family on this mournful day.

jimtarnation said...

if anyone knows of an address to which gifts could be sent to the family, if you don't mind posting it or emailing it to me, i'd appreciate it.

my best wishes to all family & his numerous friends,
john whitaker

Sam said...

I met San after a gig in Manchester England a few years ago. He chatted with us for what must have been about an hour, only going when the band had to leave to head down to London. He was instantly friendly, great company, funny...when he left we were like, wow! what a guy! Then when we saw the band again a year so so later he remembered us straight away.

This really is very sad news.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. Great drummer, nice person. Will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Golly. This sucks. San was an excellent drummer and a great person. He shall be missed.


anthony said...

how sad.. i saw the ladybug transistor in Hobart, Australia, and I remember him clearly, he seemed like a really nice person.
How sad for San's wife and child!

Anonymous said...

I am very saddened to hear this news. You are lucky to have had each other and to have made great music together. My thoughts are with you today.

Alicia Vanden Heuvel said...

I have picked out a few things that I thought were appropriate, that kind of express some of the feelings that are so inexpressible. Here in San Francisco (San's Birthplace and Namesake) many hearts are full sadness but also love for San. He was a really good friend. The first time I saw him, I thought he was a beautiful woman! After knowing him on tour over the years and getting a chance to play in Ladybug for a while, I can only say that I loved San. He had such an amazing character, smile, biting wit and when he said "fuck!" it sounded like he was spitting fire! I am sure many of you know how incredible and UNIQUE he was... and that's to say the least. There are so many memories of our conversations, especially over the last tours. One thing I specifically remember was in one of our last conversations, him saying how one could really get by with practically nothing.. even in a place like New York... he had an ability to look at life in that way... that the material world wasn't what mattered at all. What really mattered was who you loved... and Swiss chocolate, of course, but nevertheless, the conversation stuck with me. Anyways, here are a few from San Francisco, with love for Liam and Brigette and all the Ladybug Transistor and Friends:

'Someone says, Sanai is dead.
No small thing to say.

He was not bits of husk,
or a puddle that freezes overnight,
or a comb that cracks when you use it
or a pod crushed upon the ground

He was fine powder in a rough clay dish.
He knew of what both worlds were worth:
a grain of barley.'

'Imagine the time the particle you are
returns to where it came from!

The family darling comes home. Wine,
without being contained in cups,
is handed around.

A red glint appears in a granite outcrop,
and suddenly the whole cliff turns to ruby.'

- Rumi

All my love Brigette, Liam
We are here for you and hold love in our hearts
We are here if you ever need us, when you need us
Know that our love for San and our respect for his work will be remembered.. that Liam will know about this, about how amazing his father was through all the hearts of his friends and family.

Fanatic Promotion, Inc. said...

So sad to hear this news. Seeing San with The Ladybug Transistor was such a mystical experience. He had such a wonderful touch. He and his music will be missed. - Josh Bloom

derek said...

i'm on the road right now, a path that i shared with san and the ladybugs too many years ago. san was a friend and an idol. his nature, his laughter, his command of himself and his instrument are a source of inspiration to me still. you're one of the greats san!

Anonymous said...

I just heard… I feel so sorry.
He will be missed.
/a fan in Sweden.

Green Ufos said...

My name is Rafael and I'm the owner of Green Ufos, the label who works with The Ladybug Transistor in Spain.
We all at Green Ufos were really really sad and schocked by the news concerning San.
The Ladybug Transistor are a very special band for Green Ufos, a band who make our life better and that brings us lots of unforgettable songs and good moments. Some of their songs, as "Cienfuegos" or all contained in the recent ep "Here Comes The Rain" will stay in our minds and souls forever.
San was part of all this. He also was a unbeliabable boy, always smiling, always with good attitude in the problems of the concerts, and making the perfect job in the drums for the Ladybugs. It was much much more easy for everyone in the crew to have a good time during a show just by the energy and the friendly personality of San.
It was great to meet him again when the band toured Spain recently.

This loose is a very very big loose for the music and for all of us.

Tommy said...

If my memory serves me right I met San on the lawn outside of Toby’s apartment in Stockholm back in 1999 (or was it 1998?). Little did I know at the time that over the years he would become a truly beloved friend.

It was always such a pleasure to be around San, with his big and generous heart. You knew there was always a smart sarcasm and a big smile around the corner. And contrary to most other people, San’s sarcasms almost always had a point.

Another rare characteristic of San was that he always said what he thought. He didn’t fake it. If he didn’t like something or somebody he said so. I don’t know how many times I heard him say “Fuck twee” those weeks I spent traveling the US with Ladybug Transistor (and Lucksmiths and Aislers Set) back in the summer of 2001.

And if San liked – or loved – something he said so too. Which meant you always knew that if you asked San something you would get an honest reply. That’s just one of the things that made him such a great friend. The long black hair he left in your bathroom was just a bonus, I suppose.

Another thing that made San a great friend was his endless supply of chips and chocolate when on tour. People say the Soccer World Cup and other big sports events are when the chips producers sell most of their chips. I don’t. I think it was when the Ladybug Transistor came to town.

When it comes to music, I’ve never been a big fan of perfection. But with San I was ready to make an exception. He rarely made mistakes. And the funny thing is, his playing looked so easy, like he didn’t even have to try. And one of the many great things with a Ladybug Transistor show (except the music, of course) was when you looked behind Gary, Jeff, Julia and Sasha and was greeted with a big white smile, coming from the man usually dressed completely in black.

I often told other people what a great drummer San was. I wish I had told San more often. Isn’t it funny how stupid we people are sometimes?

All my thoughts go out to Brigit and Liam at this moment. San’s passing is such a terrible thing in itself, but knowing that he had just become a proud father makes it even worse. Now he’ll never be able to see his son grow up. And his son will never be able to meet his wonderful father again. But if Liam will be anything like his father, his friends will be some of the most fortunate people on this planet.

A month ago or so I learnt that Ladybug Transistor would come back to Sweden this summer and I was looking forward to seeing San and his compadres on these shores again. Maybe we could have gone canoeing in the Djurgården canal. Now that won’t happen.

I will miss you dearly, my friend.

Jarrod San Angel said...

Heartfelt condolences to San's wife and family... I was lucky enough to have met San a couple of times at gigs - he even sat down with me for half an hour to chat and share a drink - and he was perhaps one of the warmest, kindest, sweetest, and most genuinely nice people I've ever met - a truly beautiful soul. He will be deeply missed. Rest in Peace, Dearest San.

Anonymous said...

I don't have personal experiences with San, but as a fan of his work I share in the overwhelming sense of loss everyone else here has expressed. My love and thoughts are with his wife and son.

Frida said...

I first met San a few years ago; I think it was in Stockholm during a Ladybug visit if I remember correctly. I, like most people, was overwhelmed by his friendly nature, his big smile and genuine interest in people and their stories. Unlike most people, San REALLY listed to what people had to say. Usually there was a smart remark at the end of it too. I really appreciated our numerous conversations about politics and diplomatic relations and the way he tried to persuade me that ‘capitalism must die one day’. See, not only was he an incredibly talented drummer but also a brilliant thinker with a savvy political mind gleaming behind those kind eyes.

My last memory of San goes back to November last year during the recording of the new Ladybug album in NY at Marlborough Farms. It was such a pleasure being part of that, he was always a pleasure to watch when playing, totally immersed in what he was doing. I also remember him kindly declining a ‘flaming sambuca’ giving Gary and me a look of utter disgust…

My thoughts go out to San’s family and all of those who knew him. He touched so many people with his music, and most of all, with his big heart.

I’ll miss you San.

Anonymous said...

I´m very sorry about San´s death. I live in Barcelona and i saw your band playing here last December. I´ll never forget his smile and nice words.
Lots of love and all my support.


FARADAY crew are so sad. San was a really nice guy. We met him in Spain last november with The Ladybug Transistor. His wife and his family have our thoughts.

Andy in Manchester UK said...

I managed (luckily) to see the Ladybugs twice in Manchester and on both occassions chatted to San after the gigs. He was a really lovely, attentive and sweet guy. It's a sad loss. All my love, Andy.

Anonymous said...

that is dreadfully sad news , i only know san from watching him play, but his beaming exuberant smile was infectious

Kristian said...

The world has lost an amazing drummer and an even greater person. Rest in peace, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Only had the pleasure of seeing San drumming on one occasion. A cold January night in London... but his smile, along with the Ladybug tunes meant that it felt like summer. Very sad to hear of his untimely passing, my sympathy to his friends and family.

Jesse said...

Without ever having even met him, it's not hard to tell that the world has lost a force of good. San's radiant smile made seeing Ladybug Transistor 10x the experience it already was. R.I.P., friend.

soil said...

I saw you some years ago in seville ( spain), I remember him always with a happy face

peace for him, and my condolences for the rest of the band, people goes, music and his work will be remain forever

josh malamy said...

i'm shocked to hear this news. i also remember san smiling, and when i imagined what he's up to in zurich i always thought of him either snuggling with his loved one or playing the drums. i wish i'd heard his rumored "disco death" side project. i've thought of the music of the ladybug transistor so often in the past 10 years. i'll miss san. best to san's family and friends, and to ladybugs past and present during this time.

Mark said...

My heart goes out to San's family, Gary, Jennifer, Jeff, Sasha and the other Ladybugs. I met San way back in 1997 when The Ladybug Transistor came to Halifax to play a festival. Immediately, everyone in my close family of friends became close friends with the ladybugs. San was one of the happiest people I've ever met, and why wouldn't he be? He was surrounded by wonderful people, played beautiful music, and deeply valued the kindness of everyone he met. No doubt, San had an impact on many others throughout his life; I'm very happy that I got to be one of them. - mm

freshpopcorn said...
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freshpopcorn said...
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freshpopcorn said...

dearest friends, bri, liam, old housemates & bandmates, and everyone i've met out on tours...

my heart aches with all of you during this sad time of loss. san was the most gifted, most magical drummer I have ever shared the stage and recorded music with, and it was always a true honor to be part of a rhythm section with our sanbug for so long. i always felt safe and secure looking back at san behind the dumkit. he brought a magic to playing music that words cannot describe. san was also a caring and devoted friend, and one of the most authentic individuals to stroll this planet.

i will never forget the night san and bri met, the endless laughs and inspiring recording sessions at the Farms, san's moog t-shirt, black hoody, chips & chocolate, sharing daily life and a zillion adventures on tour across the USA, europe and scandinavia (where we never wanted to leave) and his impeccable drumming, wit and wisdom. san is a timeless, golden soul and has touched so many. san could cheer you up in any dark moment and was always there to cut through life's crap. we thank you san.

during the pre-internet days, the letters and postcards--always in all caps with plenty of smiley faces and exclamation points--san wrote to me and gary and the band overflowed with commentary and perception and the pure joy at being able to make music together. we miss you san.

love to you, bri & liam.

we love you sanbug:

Anonymous said...


merrily said...

As the mother of Ladybugs Jennie and Jeff, I had the pleasure of being "housemother" to San on the band's many trips to Pittsburgh. Band homecomings are my favorite times. I love having a full house--the cooking (San loved the vodka pasta),the luggage (San's was always compact and organized),the laundry (San never any!),the laughing and those wonderful stories. With that inimitable twinkle in his eyes and knowing how to delight a mother, San would usually tell me some tale from the road, often something about Jeff that I would never have known otherwise. Sadly, we also shared asthma, but San was not one to complain and he loved being outside in the garden. San was a wonderful guest, happy with any bed we made for him and just thrilled to be able to call Brigit on a phone from worked. One of the most hilarious memories I have is when he decked himself out in Dylan's (Jennie and Jeff's youngest brother) white track suit complete with retro stripes and basketball logo--so incredibly un-San--and perched on the diving board for band photos. I will always see him as I did that day--smiling in the sun, making eveyone around him laugh and loving his bandmates and life itself. San brought peace with him and gave it away to those of us who knew him. His calm presence would ease my anxieties as the kids left for yet another road trip. Our whole family, Ben and Dylan and Bill and I, as well as Jennie and Jeff, were fortunate to have had San in our lives. To our dearest Sasha and Julia and Gary we send our love and sympathy. When I see your faces, San will always be there with you. And to Brigit and Liam, we offer our deepest sympathy. Please know that just as San was, you will always be welcome in our home. And for us all, San will indeed be "forever young."

fruitpieguy said...

Miss you San, who else could sit down with me and truly appreciate the music of Roger Whittaker?

Valerie said...

San, I will miss you more than I can say. Thanks for teaching me to cook those yummy Indonesian dishes. thanks for sitting with me and having a good gossip. You were always one the girls. I feel lucky to have known you. Love and miss you

Kyle said...

Some thoughts on San. Sorry about the length.

The first time I met San Fadyl I was late for rehearsal and he was already behind the drumkit. It was the first practice for the recordings that would be my first with The Ladybug Transistor and, as it turns out, San's last. Six months before, Gary Olson, a guy I had known through friends and seen play with Ladybug the one time I saw the band, years before at NYU, had asked if I would ever come over to work on some music with him. I was surprised and flattered by the offer, and even more surprised, really, as, over the next couple of months, I became more and more involved with the band.

I'm not sure when I even learned that the drummer was a guy named San who lived in Switzerland. I do know that, on the day when I rushed down the stairs of Gary's house, I had never seen a picture of San and I don't think I knew that San wasn't actually FROM Switzerland, although maybe I did. So obviously he made a surprising and distinct first visual impression. Look at this short guy with unbelievably gorgeous hair and unbelievably gigantic hands! And what a voice! And I'm almost positive he was wearing his novelty DUNKIN DONUTS parody "FUCKIN GONUTS" shirt. We shook hands, I sat down at the keyboards, and San counted off the song the rest of the assembled (Gary, Ben, and Julia) were already working on, "Always on the Telephone."

This was one of the first songs I had worked on with Gary when we started working together the previous autumn. The demo we had been doing was with a little drum machine track, and did not even begin to prepare me for the sound of this song as soon as San started drumming. I still distinctly remember the feeling when we went into the first chorus, San switched to the ride cymbal, and started playing the hi-hat (with "ching ring"!) on all (or, actually what felt to me like way way way behing all) four beats. What a feeling playing with this guy was!

So, my memory of this is slightly hazy, it might have actually been after a different song, but I'm pretty sure that after we finished that very first run-through of that song, Gary made a comment to San about something he had been playing and San paused for a moment, then replied something like, "YES, GAZA! I would be GLAD to do that! But, in THAT CASE, this will be my LAST RECORD, as I am SICK to DEATH of playing this FUCKING TWEE MUSIC! FUCK!" I was shocked, of course. After another song (again, slightly hazy memory of this) Gary suggested that San try playing with brushes "to make it sound like Fleetwood Mac", to which San replied, "Gary, if I had to choose between sounding like Small FACES or the ZOMBIES, or FLEETWOOD MAC, I would NOT choose FLEETWOOD FUCKING MAC!" These outbursts, I quickly came to understand, were San's trademark, and his dedication to cranking them out (with a truly breathtaking consistency), seemed to make them funnier and funnier.

After that week of recordings, I was exchanging e-mails with Julia, and she wrote something really good about this: "Wait until you tour with San....then you'll have a wealth of San-isms on heavy rotation in your mind. You too, will start speaking like a bougeouis raving lunatic. Resistence is futile."

I thought again of the "bourgeouis raving lunatic" line when we were on tour in Spain last November. San was talking politics with Andy the tour manager and being typically radical in his indictments of the wealthy, the corporations, the military-industrial complex, etc. Andy called him a "champagne socialist," to which he shot back, "Yes, Andy, I am a champagne FUCKING socialist! I live in FUCKING ZURICH!"

San's convictions, about politics and music mostly (OK, also sex and relationships, chocolate, potato chips, the media...), were expressed with a unbelievable vehemence. I think he really enjoyed overstating his case, knowing the amusement it brought others. I remember when we played a show without him, opening for the New Zealand jangle pop band the Bats at Maxwell's in Hoboken, and he texted Gary something to the effect of, "Ah! The Bats! The music I TRIED to ignore in New Zealand in the 80's! It's no ELP or Genesis!"

San's specific devotion to the decidely unfashionable (ESPECIALLY in his chosen circle of friends and musicians!) genre of progressive rock (note: writing this to Genesis' "Duke", although I know San would have prefered Gabriel-era Genesis, of course. Sorry, dude.) was representative of his contrarian nature, but more importantly, his absolute devotion to the craft of music. I mean, the only reason I can think of to, as San ACTUALLY did, listen to Phil Collins' fusion side project Brand X, is the appreciation of music being played at an incredibly high technical level by people who have spent years honing their ability to do that.

But, in this musical regard, what was so amazing about San was that, unlike so many musicians who achieve this high level of craft, he was totally concentrated not on showy technical stuff, but on "GROOVE" and "FEEL," as he was always happy to talk about. Recording with San, he rarely needed more than one take to play his part flawlessly. BUT, if he did make mistake, he would still listen carefully to the take, and if he liked the FEEL, disregard the mistake in service of what he considered more important.

Truly amazing also, given San's near-perfection in recording and performing (I still remember one of the rare onstage mistakes I ever saw him make, miscounting a measure in "Telephone" in Goteborg, Sweden. Immediately after the song, San audibly yelled, "FUUUUUCKKK!" And never made the mistake again) was the fact that I don't think I ever saw him criticize anyone else for making a mistake. In fact, I never even saw him get frustrated while the rest of us struggled to figure out how to play songs that he could already play perfectly time after time. This is a patience I've found in almost no one else I've ever worked with.

In fact, San was probably the most supportive person I've ever played with. I just found this e-mail, from right after the EP we did together was finished, subject: "I'M SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS... :) from San in Swizzy." (This e-mail also reminded me of the joke San had, early in our time playing together, of writing "Who the fuck is Kyle?" or just a question mark, everytime I came up). "Just letting you know, after listening to the master(piece) EP, how proud I am to have played with all of you.... especially Kyle (?)... :) the EP was beautifully recorded, and all of you played wonderfully in it." I still remember how good it felt to read that the first time.

The warmth of his personality, as it came out in his e-mails (the most amazing e-mails, by far, I've ever read, from anyone) and in person, was really amazing. In a group of people with very complicated relationships, he was above every conflict, the only person NO ONE had anything negative to say about. He was fiercely protective of the people he cared about. I remember recording something with him late at night. Gary was engineering. He had just found some space on the tape, but there was a chance, if we went longer than expected, we would tape over part of a song Julia had written. San yelled, "Gary! Do NOT tape over JULIA'S SONG!" It was like wathching a mother bear protect her young.

Something that I've been surprised by the last few hours I've sat here is that the times I've gotten really choked up were when I was writing about San as a musician. And I think that really would have pleased him. He was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, but when he was playing the drums he brought out a beauty in the people he was playing with too, and I will never forget that and will of course always think of him and try my hardest to do the same.

James said...

San was one of the warmest and most gentle people I have ever encountered. I got to spend what I still count among the best 6 weeks of my life in his company; stuck in a van trundling across America opening up for Ladybug Transistor, San sharing my love for roadside snacks, the pair of us loading up on Lays and Combos. When all around were losing their marbles, San kept a level head and was supportive and encouraging to this niaive young Brtish kid to a fault. My favourite memory of San is of him and my parents dog Haggis at their house in Yorkshire; a moment forever captured and pinned to Gary's kitchen wall. San was never anything other than optimistic and happy when we hung out, and his dirty sense of humour never failed to take me be surprise.
I will miss him, and I am sad that distance prevented me from spending more time with him.

Anonymous said...

My condolences to his family and friends

Chris Doyle SF, Ca.

Syed Hashim said...

I am from Singapore and met this funny man 2 years back. My dad introduced him as my uncle. I was shocked enough to see an uncle from a distant country here in my Singapore and was more awed by the way he carried himself. It was as if i found a new best friend.

Right from the start we clicked. I was sending him off for his flight back to San Francisco so the time we spent on talking was really precious. We talked about music and life and i was surprised we shared the same mindset on the those topics. We don't place much value in the material stuff and all. And he did use a lot of 'Fuck' in a sing-song voice that was unique. I love the way he said it.

So this news of his going away is such a big blow to me because i still want to meet him. He did say that he was going to come back to Singapore end of this year. But now, that will never happen i guess. My heartfelt condolences to his wife, Brigit and his son, Liam. May you have a good rest dearest uncle...

mo said...

i am shocked, grieving and speechless.
thank you Brigit.

Howard, Oslo said...

I only met San a few times, but he made a big impact on me. A truly warm and gentle man. He will be missed.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Anonymous said...

Sad news, we're gonna miss that happy face. Condolences for the family and band.

Kurt Ralske said...

San was sweetness. That absurdist sense of humor, usually pointed at himself. That light touch at the drums ("Is he actually hitting them?") that signified classiness and grace. That dedication, drilling away at a practice pad for hours before (and even after!) every gig. And yeah, that trademark way of saying "Fuck!"

San, you will be remembered with love forever.

vain said...

I'm really sorry!

Enrique Ortiz said...

I deeply sorry for your loss.

Joe McGinty said...

After a re-write, and a few edits...

I met San in 1993 with the rest of Individual Fruit Pie. Lots of nights were spent hanging out at the No-Tell Motel, Brownie’s, Luna and various other East Village haunts.

Baby Steps and Individual Fruit Pie were a double-bill made in heaven, and we played lots of shows together in the early 90s. One time, at the Mercury Lounge, the drummer for Baby Steps was nowhere to be found. I literally announced on the mic, “Is there a drummer in the house?” and San marched to the stage, and positioned himself behind the drum kit, and—with no rehearsals—did an amazing job. I’ll never forget the look of joy, and terror as he did his best to keep up with my arrangements, which were filled with stops, starts, and time shifts. I can’t imagine anyone else stepping in so bravely, but that was San. His skill and his love for the music carried him through, always.

After San left New York for Switzerland, I didn’t see him as much, but it was in Tucson, June ’05, that I really got to re-connect with San. Working with San on the Kevin Ayers project helped me get through that somewhat challenging experience.

During the down time—and there was lots of down time—we would walk down to the main street in the 110 degree heat, San in his jacket, somehow not breaking a sweat. We talked about life, relationships, girls, Moogs, music, the future. We discovered that we probably had the same obscure prog-rock record collection in the 70s: not only Yes, Genesis and ELP, but also Gentle Giant, U.K. and PFM! It amazed me that two people living on opposite ends of the world could have had such a similar musical upbringing. He told me about his exciting new electronic music project (who knew he was such a talented synthesist?). A plan was hatched to bring me over to Zurich to work with him. I was, of course, thrilled. I am sad that this never came to fruition.

Kurt was right, San had a special way of saying “Fuuuccck”, but it was also “Prat” (a derogatory comment, not the college), and “Scritti Politti". It was also his talent, his love, his sweetness, his laugh, his humor. I am lucky to have known him. My heart goes out to Bri and Liam.

Sandra said...

last time we met was 3 days before he died.
i am very very sad.
san, i miss you.

all my love to brigit and liam

Ged M said...

The news of San’s passing is extremely sad. I never met the man but on every occasion that I saw the Ladybugs, I was impressed by his skills on the skins and especially by the radiant and infectious smile he always seemed to wear. You could never fail to appreciate the music when the drummer so clearly enjoyed playing it. Condolences to his family and to his bandmates.

Michel LORTEAU said...

I feel terribly shocked about San's death. San was one of the kindest persons I have ever known, always smiling and joking. He was a great drummer. My thoughts are to his family and the Ladybugs.

Robert said...


You will always be with me in heart, mind, and spirit. I remember so many times at Luna Lounge we would find a moment to share a comment, an observation (plenty of those), and a little time together...

Rob Sacher

Ben said...

i met san back in the late 90s at a ladybug show. i wasn't sure of his gender from the stage. i played with him for the first time on the kevin ayers sessions, maybe 2 years ago now. playing with him, he immediately blew me away. just a feel thing. i did two tours with him recently. i sleep like the dead and he snored like a train, so we often roomed together. many a night i listened, rapt, to his philosophizing, and his political thoughts. such a well-spoken, funny, generous, gentle soul san was. he invited me to "swizzy" in january to record some music with him. i was hanging out in norway and france and didn't make it--a fact that is difficult for me to think about now. when san gave a compliment, i knew it was sincere and considered. on a tour of spain in november he told me, "you're kicking my ass every night", which he clarified for me as inspiring him to play better. what a great feeling. san taught me many things about playing music, and in the process he helped me to come to know my playing better and to improve. a lot about feel and listening to each other. about what not to play. i was seeing a european woman until recently and he loved to encourage any slight ex-pat thoughts i was having. i feel like he did exactly what he wanted to do in life. he gave great advice to me on many occasions, about anything and everything. he listened like very few can. he probably could have been anything he wanted to be in life. it pains me to think about, but we got in a stupid little email argument in march, my fault, of course, but he forgave me and told me in eloquent words how he understand what i was feeling and why i was annoyed with him. this is the kind of advice he gave me: "I am GLAD that you told me you were pissed off.... holding dark emotions is not a good idea. Most of the time, anything can be resolved. Even if only agreeing to differ. I've seen so many friendships damaged as a result of lack of honesty (even brutal ones are okay between friends.... at least in my opinion)." he signed his last email to me "your dad drummer friend" and told me he loved me. i wish i could see him again so bad. i hate it so much that he's dead. but i guess we just have to remember how well he lived his life, and all the things he taught us. i was so lucky to call him a friend and to play with him. -Ben Crum

marisha said...

This news makes me so incredibly sad. San will be missed so much by many music lovers all over the world. My deepest sympathies to the Ladybugs, San's family and friends.

Marisha in Brooklyn

darren hanlon said...

although we only spent the equivalent of about 3 weeks together in total if feels a lot longer. i think that's because touring time seems more intense than real time. 3 tours; australia, denmark, norway.
i was part of the ladybug 'traveling wilburys' line-up. 5 guitars, all guys.
my memories of san...
him sleeping on my lounge room floor in sunglasses, taking 2 hours in my shower, trying to convince me of his age while appearing 10 years younger, whipping us all into shape in rehearsals and berating our time wasting, keeping me grounded with 'who the fuck do you think you are? darren fucking hanlon' on numerous occasions, but most of all the drumming...
i played a short set at pop revo in aahus and san gladly accompanied me without knowing any of the songs. that was so much fun.
anyway, mate, i'll never forget it
darren hanlon

Oh, robot said...

When people die I feel sad. I love LT and everyone should buy their records! R.I.P.

williamwells said...

Last Wednesday, I learned of the tragic death of one of my closest, dearest friends, San Fadyl. I'd like to offer some of my fondest memories and thoughts about this extraordinary human being.
A visit from San to Marlborough Farms, either to rehearse for an upcoming tour or to record new songs was always anticipated as a very special occasion. This past October, I was pleasantly surprised when Gary told me that San had decided to fly over from Zurich just to finish up some recording work for the latest album.
When I arrived at the Farm, San, sitting at the kitchen table, rose to give me his characteristic big, warm hug. After the normal catching-up-after-some-months, he began talking about a broken Moog synthesizer module he'd brought with him all the way from Zurich for me to repair. I felt honored that he'd chosen me to perform whatever "surgery" it required.
Some of you may know that San was also an avid music synthesist. He and I had many discussions and listening sessions over the years about notable synthesists such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and, I think, our most revered such musician, Larry Fast, who recorded many great albums under the "Synergy" rubric.
San and I shared very similar views on political, social, and international issues. I was always impressed by how much knew about history and current events. At one point, he gave me an insightful, concise history of the entire Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
San was also extremely articulate. I recall laughing with Gary & San about San's indignation about Americans' use of the past tense of the verb "to learn." "Learned!?", he exclaimed. "What the hell's that?! It's learnt! It's the King's English!"
In the days before emails became common, San would write Gary and me letters with penmanship befitting a master calligrapher.
San was genuinely kind, warm and generous, those loveable traits others have already mentioned. But I've come to realize that the reason why I personally felt so close to San arose from the many wonderful, rewarding experiences we shared, partaking in the activity I love more than anything else - helping to create music. As the "tech" at Marlborough Farms, and Gary Olson's long-time recording partner, I've had the privilege of recording San during the creation of four of the last five Ladybug Transistor records.
San's level of professionalism always made my job much easier. He knew how to maintain his drum kit and tune his drums meticulously. He had a keen sense of pitch, timing, and the many subtleties of fine drumming. Those many skills resulted from his practicing for many hours each day, which qualified him, in my mind, as a true virtuoso musician.
I especially loved San's Paiste cymbals, which he bought when visiting the Paiste factory in Switzerland. San was very proud of those cymbals - justifiably so - and always kept them well-polished. I would walk in the front door at Marlborough Farms, and instantly recognize the beautiful sound of San playing those cymbals in the studio.
San was somewhat of a traditionalist about his drums, particularly with regard to the kick (or bass) drum. Until recently, he always insisted on keeping both heads on the kick - intact and properly tuned, of course. (That would sometimes drive live sound folks crazy, when they'd struggle to get a decent bass drum sound with no feedback!)
I'd always joke with San that I had a box-cutter knife ready & waiting to cut a hole in the front head of his kick to insert a mic into the drum, so we could get a tighter sound that was more appropriate for some songs. For the latest record, he finally did agree to remove the entire front head of the kick....for at least some of the time, anyway!
Last fall, to thank me for my repair of his Mooger Fooger, San treated me to a delicious dim sum feast at his favorite Chinatown rendezvous. Driving back to the Farm, we talked at length about the art of cooking. - its interesting similarity to electronic work, both of which require great finesse to achieve good results. San spoke of his love for Thai cuisine, describing for me how to make a "bird's nest" from deep-fried julienned potatoes, and informing me about golonga, a ginger-like root (in appearance only) that is a star ingredient in any great Thai coconut soup.
On arriving back at the Farm, still happily sated from our Chinatown dinner, we went inside to reflect a while about world politics, "Geedubya" (Bush) , "Umerica" (a couple of San's classic expressions). I also told San about some future, exciting improvements I'd planned for the studio.
When I finally left that night, San followed me out to my car. We exchanged the usual big, warm hugs... and I drove off, filled with good food and warm friendship, with absolutely no inkling that I'd never see San again - never again commiserate with him, never again laugh with him, and never again hear him play those sweet Paiste cymbals.
I'll miss San greatly for a long time. My thoughts and prayers are tonight with Brigit and Liam.
San, if there is a God, may It bless you and keep you for all time, old friend!

Anton said...

I first met San through JC somehow, when Individual Fruit Pie were still playing, but I never really experienced San until JC and I were recording our first record at my apartment in Park Slope, and San kindly came in to add some drums to a few tracks. I barely knew what i was doing, really, just miking the kit with the traditional el cheapo three-mic method (kick, two overheads right and left), and using lousy mics to boot, recording on my little Pentium III with Cubase, which I hardly knew how to use, and consequently blowing takes, starting and stopping, etc., all of which bothered San not a whit. In fact, he kept up a steady stream of amusing banter, and nailed every take, and always with a tasteful, well-thought-out phrase or flourish on the kit. He even bore my explicit directions regarding what to play where with good-humored grace, even though he could have probably come up with far better things to play than i told him to...on the other hand, he wouldn't carry his own drums! I noticed his precision regarding whether and when to play just ahead or just behind the beat. I also noticed his uniform of black jeans, black jacket, black T-shirt reading (if I recall correctly) "Fuck You, I have enough friends". He was one of the most fun people I've ever had the privilege of working with.

When, soon after the record was finished, JC and I visited Zurich on our first earth-shaking tour of Switzerland, San and Bri very kindly put us up, and it was then I really found out what a unique person San was. I fondly recall our strolls around town, how he pointed out the best points of the old city to me. I fondly recall his blasting "Back in Black" to us in the little garden yard behind their apartment in Zurich, exulting in the magnificent simplicity of its famous opening lick; then, the same weekend, enthusiastically introducing me to The Clientele's music, knowing it would show me something related to the stuff I was writing, which I had just played him. I fondly recall his self-election in the club of "losers", of which we were all happy members.

I loved his great way of spitting out "Prat!" so that the 't' was like an actual puncture. Everyone was punctured when he spoke, even, and especially, those he admired. I loved how positive and negative responses were all so tangled together in him. Hanging out with him became simply a way to be yourself, because he was so himself, so unconcerned with how people took him. Yet he had a quiet , firm integrity about his manners, his musicianship, and his duties. He lived by a code.

He loved music, and he loved people, and when he bitched about everything, it was with love.

I feel lucky to have known him. I always felt life was a bit magical when I was with him. Maybe that was partly the effect of his amazing, glossy hair. He inspired me.

I will miss him.

the Clientele said...

good night san. we'll miss you xx

Mick said...

So sad to lose such a lovely guy but so glad I knew him. Condolences to San's family.

Anonymous said...

This is really damned sad . San was such a nice smliing person and a cool drummer ... I really send my sincere condoleances to his wife, and family ... San rock us from up there ... Much Love . Laurence . Zürich

Paul Widdowson said...

I will toast to San tonight one of the great people whom when I met made me happy and excited to be living in New York. My fondest memories of him are with Individual Fruit Pie and Gillian and JC, his wit and infectious grin will stay with me always.
A man of character.

My deepest sympathys for Bri and Liam

Matthew Smith said...

I will always remember San's good vibes and fantastic drumming. He was great. I'm very sad to hear of his passing.

erlend øye said...

peace, san.
will miss you.


Anonymous said...

San you silly fuck...what a drag for the rest of us left here...hope you are ok where you are and still working on that elvin jones shit....keep sending love and good vibes to your family they will need it for a good while yet..

keep having fun on that next leg of the journey....

see you 'round some time mate!

Anonymous said...

So sad to here about San. I met him (and had the pleasure of loaning him my drums) a few years back when my band supported LT at the Arts Cafe in London. He made much better use of them than I ever could and what's more he was a really nice chap to boot. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and bandmates.
Phil Kicker.

Anonymous said...

Having been off the radar for quite some time I only just heard about this tragic occurence.

San will always be remembered by me for being the guy with the biggest, warmest, most genuine smile and a heart to match.Each time I met him he made the time so much better, filling it with stories and making everyone feel at ease.

I truly will miss you. Hope you have found what we all seek. said...

is there an online memorial or obituary in memoriam of San Fadyl since cant see in

Anonymous said...

Much love, San.

kevin said...

love, moog, san, ldbg trsnt forever

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

San's warmth and kindness was shared generously and without judgment. He made the world a better place. I was saddened to learn of his passing and will remember him fondly.

Zulema said...

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